Australian Cypress

Botanical Name

Callitrus Glauca

Other Common Names

Cypress Pine, Murray Pine, White Cypress Pine.


Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

The Tree

Tree size is reported to vary with prevailing soil and climatic conditions at growth site. Under favorable conditions, the tree may attain a height of about 100 feet, with a trunk diameter of 18 to 36 inches.


The heartwood is light brown, or yellow to brown with dark brown longitudinal streaks. Variation in color is reported to be rather high between boards.


The grain is straight and closed, and often streaked to produce an attractive figure. Numerous small, firm, dark brown knots are usually present. The wood has a fine texture, and is reported to be greasy to the feel.

Working Properties

Because of the relatively tight grain and relatively high density, care should be taken in nailing cypress. In many situations it is advisable to use blunted nailed (chisel point) or pre-drill nail holes to avoid end splitting. These precautions are often wise practice when working with seasoned cypress.


Rustic Cabinetry, Furniture and Flooring.


Available from specialty stores.