Botanical Name

Guibourtia spp.

Other Common Names

African Rosewood, Akume, Binbinga,  Essingang, Kevazingo, Ovang.




Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Zaire

The Tree

The trees are reported to be large, often reaching heights of more than 100 feet  and trunk diameters of 36 inches.


Heartwood ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks. Sapwood is a pale straw color and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.


The grain may be straight or interlocked. Logs with very irregular grain are rotary cut into veneers called Kevasingo . Texture ranges from fine to very fine, and is even. The wood is lustrous.

Working Properties

Easy to work overall, though depending upon the species Bubinga can have silica present, which can prematurely dull cutting edges. Also, on pieces with figured or interlocking grain, tearout can occur during planing or other machining operations. Gluing can occasionally be problematic  due to Bubinga’s high density and natural oils. Turns and finishes well.


Veneer, inlays, fine furniture, cabinetry, turnings.


Should be moderately priced for an import. Figured grain patterns such as waterfall, pommele, etc. are likely to be more expensive.