Botanical Name

Prunus serotina

Other Common Names

Black Cherry, American Cherry, Edwards, Plateaucherry, Gila Chokecherry


Eastern United States


North America, Mexico

The Tree

Cherry trees can reach to heights of 100 feet with a diameter of 4-5 feetIt is shrubby under poor growth conditions, but does best on the rich, moist soil of the Appalachians.


Cherry has a light pinkish brown color when it is first cut and it darkens to a reddish brown with time and exposure to light. Sapwood is a pale yellowish color. Heartwood is light pinkish with a greenish tinge when freshly cut, darkening upon exposure to a deep reddish brown with a golden luster.


The grain is usually straight and easy to work with, but there is an exception with figured pieces that have curly grain patterns. It has medium density and is firm and strong, with a fine uniform texture.

Working Properties

Cherry is easy to work with and finishes smoothly. It is stable, straight grained and machines well. Screw-holding ability is great and so is gluing, except where gum streaks are present. It has a mild, distinctive scent when being worked..


Fine furniture, printing and engraving blocks, patterns, professional/ scientific instruments, turned objects, small specialty wood items.


Since Cherry is domestic, prices are usually moderate, but typically more than oak or maple.