Botanical Name

Gymnocladus dioicus

Other Common Names

Coffetree, Kentucky coffeetree, Chicot, Dead tree, Coffe nut, Kentucky mahogany, Mahogany bean, Knicker tree, Stump tree


North America


Canada, United States

The Tree

The tree is medium sized to large and can reach 100 feet in height. The largest reported tree is about 5.4 feet in diameter at 4½ feet above the ground.


The sapwood is a yellowish white and narrow. The heartwood is a reddish brown or reddish orange.


A very prominent but straight grain pattern on flat sawn stock. The wood is ring porous like the oaks with the large pores plainly visible.

Working Properties

Coffeenut is relatively dense and firm, and the wood has good working , gluing and staining properties.


It would be an ideal choice for relatively small runs of furniture, cabinets, and interior millwork.


The wood is very scarce, and is usually marketed in a mixture with other hardwoods. It is reported to be priced in the medium range when available.