Eastern White Pine

Botanical Name


Other Common Names

American White Pine, American Yellow Pine, Apple Pine, Minnesota White Pine, Wisconsin White Pine, Yellow Pine.


North America, Quebec and Ontario

The Tree

Eastern White Pine grows to heights of 100 feet with a diameter of 3-6 feet. Current national champions are taller than 140 feet.The long, straight trunks of Eastern White Pine were once prized for use as ship masts.


The heartwood of Eastern White Pine is a light brown, sometimes with a reddish tinge and turns darker on exposure. The sapwood is white, with yellow tint.


Grain is straight with an even, medium texture.

Working Properties

Eastern White Pine is easy to work with both with hand and machine tools. The wood glues and finishes well. It has a faint resinous odor while being worked.


Crates, boxes, interior millwork, carving, and boatbuilding.


Eastern White Pine is widely harvested for construction lumber. Prices should be moderate for a domestic softwood.