Goncalo Alves

Botanical Name

Astronium fraxinifolium

Other Common Names

Bototo, Coubaril, Gateado, Jejuira, Muiracatiara, Mura, Tigerwood.


Central and South America.


Mexico to Brazil.

The Tree

Grows to a height of 100 feet with a long straight trunk about 36'' in diameter.


Light butterscotch brown to reddish brown with blackish brown streaks.


Grain variable, straight to roey,  texture fine to medium, uniform, no distinctive odor or taste.  The wood often has a striking figure caused by irregular dark longitudinal bands.

Working Properties

It's difficult to work do to tension in the wood. Goncalo Alves makes a fine lathe wood in addition to being quite durable and weather resistant. It is reported to be difficult to glue.


Furniture, cabinets, flooring, tool handles, bowls, desks, marine construction, small accessories.


The timber is reported to be rather plentiful within its growth range, but supplies, especially in lumber form, are very limited on the U.S. Market. When available it is reported to be priced in the expensive range.