Botanical Name

Dyera Costulata

Other Common Names

Jelutong burit, Jelutong paya


Oceania and S.E. Asia


Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia

The Tree

The tree is large, attaining a height of about 200 feet, and trunk diameter of up to 8 feet. The bole is reported to be often straight, cylindrical, and about 90 feet long.


The sapwood is not distinct from the heartwood and is also creamy white turning pale straw in color upon exposure.


Jelutong is reported to have medium density, low bending and crushing strength, and very low stiffness. The texture is fine and even. Latex from the tree is used for the manufacture of chewing gum.

Working Properties

Works rather easily in almost all woodworking operations. Jelutong has gained popularity in recent years as a choice wood for carving.


Sculpture and Carvings, Patternmaking, Turning and Wooden shoes.


Readily available in thick sizes for that application on the North American market and can be purchased at a moderate price from a specialty dealer.