Macassar Ebony

Botanical Name

Diospyros celebica

Other Common Names

Coromandel, Sri Lanka Ebony


Southeast Asia



The Tree

The trees today are few and far between, and of a much smaller size then 20 year ago, found on the Asian, Indian and African continent. They can grow to 50 feet in height & 1 1/2 feet around, and live for over 100 years.


Heartwood has dramatic striped appearance, somewhat similar to Zebrawood. Yellow to reddish brown body with darker brown or black stripes. Sharply demarcated sapwood is pale gold color.


Grain is usually straight, but can sometimes be interlocked; fine uniform texture and good natural luster.

Working Properties

Tends to be rather difficult to work, due to its high density, blunting effect on cutters, and its occasionally interlocked grain. The wood is also prone to checking and splitting during drying, and drying defects are not uncommon. The wood is excellent for turned objects.


Veneer, high-end cabinetry, billiard cues, musical instruments, and other small specialty items.


Likely to be extremely expensive, along with most other Ebony members in the Diospyros genus. The tree grows slowly, has a very limited natural habitat, and is highly desired for the wood’s aesthetic appeal and toughness.