Botanical Name

Prosopis spp.

Other Common Names

Black Mesquite, Honey Mesquite, Honey Pod, Tornillo


North America, Central/South America and Africa/Asia

The Tree

Reaches heights of 40 ft, with diameters of 10 inches to 4 ft.


Heartwood tends to be a reddish brown, which darkens with age. Sapwood is yellow in color, and tends to be thin.


The wood is dense, close grained, very hard and heavy, but somewhat brittle. It is exceedingly resistant to heartwood decay, with a  thin sapwood. It contains high concentrations of tannins (94).

Working Properties

Working properties are largely dictated by the quality of the wood itself. Mesquite that is clear and free from defects is easy to work with hand and machine tools, but irregular grain or knots can be challenging. Glues, turns, and finishes well.


Fence posts, flooring, turned objects, cabinetry, and furniture.


Mesquite only tends to be available in small sizes, or as large irregular slabs. Larger boards free from defects are uncommon. Prices for Honey Mesquite are in the upper range for a domestic hardwood.