Botanical Name

Baillonella  toxisperma

Other Common Names

Adza, African Pearwood, Djave, Njabi


West Africa


Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo

The Tree

Reaches a height of 200 ft with straight cylindrical boles to 100 ft; trunk diameter 6 ft, reaching to 10 ft, some butt swelling in older trees.


Heartwood pinkish brown, red brown, or a rich red; sapwood pinkish white or gray brown, rather well demarcated.


Straight grain, fine textured, silky appearance, moderately heavy and hard.

Working Properties

Because of silica content there is a rapid dulling of cutters, otherwise works easily; glues and finishes well; has good steam-bending properties.


Furniture, cabinetwork, decorative flooring, turnery and carving, decorative veneers, joinery, store fittings.


Supply in the U.S. market is reported to be generally limited since the wood is mainly used in small quantities for turning and carving. Price is reported to be generally high, but not prohibitive.