Rustic Monterillo

Botanical Name

Brownea macrophylla

Other Common Names

Tiger Rosewood, Ecuador Rosewood, Rose of Venezuela, Panama Flame Tree


Central & South America


Ecuador, Venezuela

The Tree

The tree is small, and rarely achieves a size that will yield lumber 25 to 30 feet tall. Known for its bright red or pink flower that blooms on the trunk and branches.


The heartwood is typically a dark gray-brown that's nearly black or with nearly black stripes that alternate with a lighter brown. Sometimes the lighter brown can be a pale tan.


Very heavy, dense, durable wood. Fine texture, tight and straight grain.

Working Properties

Reportedly planes easily with minimal chip out. Turning operations are reported to be easy, and turned surfaces are usually clean. The wood glues satisfactorily.


Furniture, Inlay, Turnings, Handles, Musical Instruments, Wooden Utensils (Food Safe Wood)


Monterillo is considered to be both Exotic and Rare, the rarity of this precious hardwood makes it more expensive.