Botanical Name

Mora excelsa

Other Common Names

Nato, Nato rojo, Morabukea, Pracuuba


South America

The Tree

Usually 100 to 120 ft high and 2 to 3 ft in diameter with clear boles 60 ft and more above very large buttresses that may extend 15 ft up the trunk. Trees of M. excelsa 160 to 200 ft high and 4 ft in diameter are reported.


General characteristics: Heartwood yellowish red brown, reddish brown or dark red with paler streaks; sapwood 2 to 6 in.  wide, distinct, yellowish to pale brown.


Texture moderately fine to rather coarse, rather harsh to the feel; luster medium to high; grain is straight to commonly interlocked, very variable; astringent taste and a slightly sour odor.

Working Properties

The wood is moderately difficult to work but yields smooth surfaces in sawing, planing, turning, or boring unless interlocked grain is present then there may be considerable "pick up" and chipped grain.


Industrial flooring, railroad crossties, shipbuilding, heavy construction, high quality charcoal wood.


Export potential is rated as fair.