Botanical Name

Dalbergia Tucarensis

Other Common Names

Guatemala Rosewood, Panama Rosewood, Nicaragua Rosewood, Nogaed


Central America


Belize, Guatemala, Honduras

The Tree

The decent sized tree grows to 100 feet tall and up to 36 inches in diameter. The trunk is often fluted, short, and forked.


A pinkish red to orange with darker streaks of purple, red, or brown.


Has good dimensional stability, It's dense and tight grained. The grain is typically straight. Texture is medium to fine. The wood has low to medium luster.

Working Properties

The material is reported to be moderately difficult to saw. Is reported to be difficult to plane especially when interlocked grain is present. It tends to ride on cutters. The wood has excellent turning qualities. Gluing can be difficult, watch for oil patches.


Cabinetmaking, Marquetry, Musical instruments, Tool handles, some furniture parts, decorative items.


Rosul is considered rare with limited availability. Boards are typically short and narrow. May be found in specialty wood product stores.