Botanical Name

Entandrophragma Utile

Other Common Names

Utile, Efuodwe, Okeong, Assie, Kosi-Kosi, Mufumbi



The Tree

Grows to a height of 150 to 200 ft; bole is straight, cylindrical, and clear to 100 ft, occasionally fluted; diameter above buttresses may reach 8 ft.


Heartwood fairly uniform red- or purple brown; well demarcated from the light brown sapwood.


Texture medium; grain interlocked and rather irregular, has a less uniform stripe figure than sapele; has a faint cedarlike scent. Timber is corrosive to metals.

Working Properties

Works fairly easily with hand and machine tools, interlocked grain may cause tearing in planing and shaping, finishes well, glues and nails easily.


Furniture and cabinetwork, joinery, decorative veneers and plywood, boat construction.


Sipo is a commonly imported wood species both in lumber. Should be moderately priced for regular plainsawn.