Spalted Maple

Botanical Name

Acer saccharum

Other Common Names

Rock Maple, Sugar Maple, Hard Maple


Northeastern North America

The Tree

Can reach heights of 80-115 feet, with a diameter of 3 feet. The spalted maple is not a tree rather a board taken from the Sugar Maple tree. It is referred to as spalted because the board is beginning to rot. The fungi pairs with the water that waters the trees vascular system and it begins to excrete a dark colored pigment. The boards are then sawn after enough color has been developed and kiln dried. Once it is kiln dried the fungus has been killed.


Light appearance. The spalting in the maple resembles a pen drawing. It can be very subtle or it can be very dramatic depending on how long before it was sawn and kiln dried.


Strong, stiff, hard and more dense than all of the other species of Maple commercially available in lumber form.

Working Properties

Fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Maple tends to burn when machined with high-speed cutters (routers). It glues and finishes well.


Musical instruments, cutting boards, turned objects, and specialty wood items


Should be moderately priced.