Botanical Name

Euxylophora Paraensis

Other Common Names

Amarello, Brazilian Satinwood, Pau Amarello, Pequia Setim, Yellow Heart


Latin America

The Tree

The tree is described as large, attaining a height of about 130 feet at maturity.


Heartwood color ranges from pale to golden yellow, darkening slightly with age. Sapwood is a pale yellow/white.


Yellowheart has a fine texture and a naturally high luster. Its pores are very small: usually no grain filler is necessary to achieve a smooth and flat finish. The grain is usually straight, though some figured pieces may have wavy or interlocked grain.

Working Properties

Yellowheart is normally easy to work with hand or machine tools, though it can be more difficult if interlocked or figured grain is present. Yellowheart also has a moderate blunting effect on cutters. Glues and finishes well.


Flooring, furniture, boat-building, and turned objects.


Should be fairly inexpensive for an import, comparable to other economy imports such as Padauk or Purpleheart.