Botanical Name

Platymiscium Spp.

Other Common Names

Coyote, Macawood, Trebol, Roble.


Continental tropical America from southern Mexico to the Brazilian Amazon region, and Trinidad.

The Tree

Heights to 80 ft with trunk diameters of 28 to 42 in.; boles are straight, cylindrical, and clear to 60 ft; buttressed.


Heartwood bright red to reddish or purplish brown, more or less distinctly striped; darker specimens look waxy; sharply demarcated from the nearly white sapwood.


Granadillo is very hard and dense with a medium to fine texture and makes an excellent turning candidate. It is frequently used as a replacement wood for Cocobolo and Honduras Rosewood and does not have the negative allergenic properties of either. Typical straight grain patterns with some irregularity, it is also known to have frequent figuring.

Working Properties

Not very difficult to work, finishes smoothly, and takes a high polish.


Fine furniture and cabinet work, decorative veneers, musical instruments, turnery, joinery, specialty items.


Rare, available at specialty wood stores, considered pricey.